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Outstanding Family-Friendly Employers

Outstanding Family-Friendly Employer is a program organized by the Family Council (HK) this year. The purpose of the program is to reward employers that keep advocating the concept of family, promoting the value of it and emphasis the family-friendly employer policy. 

Related policies and measurements are aim to assist employees the balance between work and family life. This act can raise morale for the working team, improve the relationship between employers and employees, reduce the losing rate of the employee and therefore enhance the output and service quality. Décor House received the Outstanding Family-Friendly Employers in its devotion of caring the society as well as the employees.

Outstanding Brand Awards 2011

The Outstanding Brand Award was presented by the Economic Digest. In 2011, 30 outstanding enterprises were awarded due to their sound performance of marketing strategies, positioning, promotions, brand-building and managing in the companies.

In 2011, Décor House was awarded the Outstanding Brand Award 2011 – also the only interior design and custom-made furniture enterprise won the prize. Judging processes included assessment by the Economic Digest’s judging panel, as well as voted by the public. The major criteria were based on the enterprises’ outstanding performance, as well as their brand-building, promotional strategies and business development, in the past 10 years.

High-Flyers Outstanding Enterprise Award

‘High-Flyers Outstanding Enterprise Award’ was presented by the only local English commercial monthly magazine- Hong Kong Business. The judging panels chose the first round winners based on their operating profession, innovations, brand name, quality of products and services. The winners were elected by the many readers. In 2010, Décor House was awarded the High-Flyers’2010 Outstanding Enterprise: Innovative furniture & Custom-made furniture group, in recognition to its excellence in its innovative design and multi-functional furniture. Again, the award was proven Décor House’s sucess in providing professional and high quality which also well accepted by the public.

Hong Kong Quality Brand Award

Hong Kong Quality Brand Award is presented by the Association of Hong Kong Quality Brand. The award was aimed to give recognitions to those enterprises providing quality products and services. It is an important award to entreprize in Hong Kong. In 2010, Décor House had the honor to receive the Hong Kong Quality Brand Award. The award showed our products and services were not just professional and of high quality standard, but also well-accepted by our customers.

Caring Company Scheme

Caring Company Scheme is organized and launched by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. The spirit of the scheme is to inspire industrial and commercial organizations for the cooperation of citizenship, fostering effective and mutually beneficial partnership relationships between business and the social service sectors.

The enterprises and organizations awarded this honor must achieve the six norms of Caring Company Scheme: (1) encourage the obligation of work, (2) sincere in donating and helping social community, (3) pass on knowledge and technique, (4) support the poor, (5) concern about the staff, (6) care about the environment and must be nominated by at least one of the local charity association. Décor House has obtains this honor for many years- we are an enterprise which respects our staff, willing to invest to the society, and to build positive interacting relationship to the world and to take up social responsibilities.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Interior design requires a high standard of time-control, also huge efforts in cost estimation, risk management, human resource management, quality control and material merchandise. Décor House therefore has implemented and obtained certification for ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System. In the future, we are going to achieve a higher level of systematic management, such as implement Six Sigma and obtain ISO10002 customer management certification. We will try our best to achieve for the best quality services.

Intellectual Property Patent

《Intellectual Property Patent》 -《 Certificate of Grant of Short-term Patent – Patents Ordinance 》(Chapter 514)

There are always innovations, thoughts and efforts in the profession of interior design and custom-made furniture. For all our outstanding works and products, Décor House also apply patent for them from Intellectual Property Department. This action prevents the works of designers from being plagiarized. At the same time ensure our designers can work in an environment with equity and justice.

Actually, protecting and respecting the intellectual property rights are effective ways leading to the success of a local design company. Under the rights of the patent, local artistic works can be sold overseas and to share to the world. It helps to share a balanced profit to both designers and to the society. In the future, we will keep devote to innovative designs. We will design and produce more innovative and high-quality furniture to our dear customers. Our ultimate goal is to advocate the perfect combination of ‘Technology and furniture; technology and life’. Of course, to contribute to the best to the society.

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