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Confidential Guarantee

Confidential Guarantee

Ten assurance for our furniture

  1. Keeping research on innovative and multi-functional furniture, make the best use of space 
  2. Invest on the latest machines for the best production
  3. Choosing the best and environmentally-friendly materials with import certificates
  4. More than 3,000 colours of innovative surface materials 
  5. High quality furniture with certificates
  6. Professional measurements and building inspections, with the best instruments
  7. Excellent ISO 9001 management
  8. Clear and transparent workflow bounded by agreements and contracts 
  9. Experienced furniture installation technicians and delivery services
  10. Excellent after-sales services with 12 years warranty and 18 months project quality warranty

Ten assurance for our engineering works

  1. One of the proven ‘Minor Works Contractors’
  2. On time works bounded by contracts
  3. High-tech surveying instruments and building inspection devices
  4. Professional engineering and interior design services
  5. Certificates of high quality construction works
  6. Sole agency for materials 
  7. Excellent ISO 9001 management
  8. Staff and technician are fully insured 
  9. Customers can have a detailed check on the completed works
  10. Lots of positive feedbacks from our customers

Twelve years structural warranty



18 months free product caring service

We hope to create the best products as well the safest products to our customers. To achieve this, in the 9th and the 18th months after the purchase, we will send technicians on-site for inspection and give free product caring services.

Through this product caring service, we can improve the quality of our products from time to time. The checking includes:

1     Check the cabinet hinges, rails, locks, oil pressure bed hinges, sliding door rails and cabinet structure;

2     Check the installation of hanging cabinets, and see whether if they have departed from the wall or tilted;

3     Check the structure of bunk beds and combined beds;

4     Check if any stains which are hard to remove on furniture surfaces.

Whatsapp: 6999 9932